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why thh top general in afghanistan is calling on a pastor to cancel his weekend plan. >> men, and their memory. why we may have an excuse now for forgetting things. >> aad simon cowell's change of plans. how it could affect american tv. >> livv in high definition, from gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. fatal fire in howard county leaves one woman dead and 1 man with serious injuries. neighbor reported the fire in columbia. karen parks stands by live at the treover condominiums where five families were isplaced now. karen? >> jennifer and jeff, detectives are still here at the scene, that they are now calling a crimm scene. investigators don't know what, or who, left the young woman injured. but say it was not the fire. firefighters were called to
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-round 2:45 this afternoon to the treover condominiums, along majors road in columbia. when they arrived, they foundú the dead body of a woman believed to be in her 30s, ann a man also believed to be in his 30s, seriously injured. >> what we believe aa this time, is that both of them were injured, not as a esult of tte injuuies. >> to know that she is develop, you know, is just tragic. tragic. >> no one else was injured. and no other condd was damaged. however, five families have beeú displaced. no word when they would be reporting live in columbia. karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition"" >> all right karen. baltimore county school was evacuated this morning because of a gas odor. students in rosedale sent home early. emergency crews determined the odor was spreeding through sewers. parents got nervous when hazmat
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crees arrived. >> panic. when you see emergency equipment in front of a school, school, it is scary. >> workers are searching for the source of the odor as we speak. examiiing gas storage tanks at a royal farms gas station where an underground pump rupturedú several months ago. %-would run air quality testingt the school before it opens tomorrow. >> new jersey doctor not licenseed in maryland is being investigated. accused of performing abbrtions here. one, which could have killedda yyung woman. the woman began her abortion in new jersey, buu dr. bbigham had her transported to cecil county so the procedure could be completed. but there were complications.3 so she was drivvn to a nearby hospital, and then flown to shock trauma.3 when police got little cooperation from the doctoosú involved, they obtained a search warrant for the clinic. >> during our search, we found a
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chess freezer that was filled with fetuses, some that appeared to be full term. once we made that discovery, we secured he chess freezeer and senn it off to the medical examiner's office for investigation. >> two other doctors involved in the abortion had their licenses suspended. bodies are scheduled to appear before the maryland state diiisiin board tomorrow to appeal the suspensions. >> a police helicopttr was chasing a stolen car when the ú%r suddenly crashed. hitting a newspaper vennor of in west baltimore. happened at northhand fulton avenues. police were looking for the car thief. people on this corner were shocced. at how fast it all happened. >> e just bam. everybody left. >> the way they puu you in the median strip sometimes. %-it is, it is kind of hard. because you never know what is coming. >> tonight 18-yeaa-old davis is in the city lock up.
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>> one east baltimore community is working to fight back by counting on a higher power. >> in christ ame we pray, amen. amen. >> under operation good paaients the four bbocks that surroundfor thee, as well as thh block in front of them. called the 4 plus 1 program. church members will walk the streets enightly basis rebuilding relationships with the community in hopes of gettinggcriminals locked up. >> the citizens, residents, see the criminallelements leave their communities. not showing up, setting up shop. able to o out and go to and from without looking to see who would hit them or rob them. >> councilman stokes that helped to organize the work session coming up with a plan thht is sustainable. >> on the crime front now.
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crime prevention strook stage at tonight's debate for city state's attorney..3 jeff abell is standing by live at the university of baltimore %-hhated at imes.he debate was jeff??3 >> yes, you arr right with a week to go before ellction day, candiddtes for states attorneys came out swinging tonighh. incumbent jessamy and her opponents greg bernstein and sherrill land sea debated strategies nd stattstics here3 at the law school. took aim on the war on degrees drugs and juvenile crime. >> as a result of strategies thht were put together, we have had over a 40 percent indecline in all of those categories, when ú% comes to juvenile crime. >> but i don't think that anyone sitting in this room, can say ú%at juvenile crime is ny better than it was 15 years ago. and in fact, it is worse. >> well, the candidates dii agree that when it comes to those first time low level drrg offenders, treatment not jail, is the answer.
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jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". ú% today is the deadline to request an absentee ballot for the primary election. all mailed requestsshad tt have been received by 8:00 tonight at local board of election offices. 11:59 is the deadline for e-mail requests. after today, absentee ballots can be requested but only in person at local election boards. >> this year's primaay is one week away. september 14. tuesday. early voting is underway and runs through thursday. >> if you need more information about absentee ballots or earry voting o to our website link..3 and you will find a ink to the state board of elections website. >> and stay with fox 45 news,,3 for all the latest political news, as primary day approaches. go to 2010. >>as the electionnmoves closer to us, debate over he bush tax cuts heatt up. president obama wants to faze out the cuts for the wealthy. and keep them for theemiddle
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class. %-economists say keeping all the tax cuts is better than the president's current economic proposal, for search tax creddts. >> businesses are putting off big ticket purchases because they don't haae customers. they cannot justify major investments. they are not about to add new capacity because the president gives them a few dollars off on taxes. >> we understand what season we have entered in washington. we know that congress will not %->> but the president's own former budget director is now saying thht even the tax cuts for the middle class are not affordable for more than a couple of years. white houss, however, disagrees. >> young people are becoming %-it comes to investing.s when investment company survey finds that less than one in four people under the age of 35 say they are willing to take on a substantial level of risk. a recenn maryland survey also found that young people are now more conservative than alllother age groups when it comes to
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finances. experts say that over the past ú%cade events like bust and the great recession have created strong opinions among this younger generatioo. >> well, it was a gorgeousddy day and hot out there. >> more of the same tomorrow. go to chief meteorologist vytas reid joining us with a lookkat the sky watch weather fra. >> temperatures in the 90s with hhgh presssre. and currently right now. 81 in hagerstown. 79 in baltimore. 83 in d.c. western maryland. 73. the frontal boundary. in fact, that rontal boundary thunderstorms, along that front. as it moves through, west virginia, west of the pittsbbrr. suburbs getting rain. this moves our direction, giving us a chance for stray showers. but it will breakup over the mountains, and we are left with as high pressure issdrying ouu the atmosphere. soowe wiil watch it push in. but a cooling affect behind the front as it comes in to play through the next couple of days. detailed lack at how it plays out in the forecast.
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and the cooler ttmperatures.3 coming our way n a bit. in the ssy watch forecast. >> the ravens are getting really ready to open the season monddy night and continue to add latest weapon, t.j. houshmanddadeh, be tonight he i3 including fellow vets masonnand bolden. in an accomplished and packed recciving core. ú%d he said he is here for only one reason. to win a superbowl. >> only 5 or 6 teams every year that have a legitimate shottto win the superbowl. and hat's just what people think. but you still have to go do it. this is one of the teams, even if i was not here, had a ssot. and so foo me to come here and them to accept me and want me on the team. you know, i am going to try to do y part. that's it. >> you can hear everytting t.j. houshmandzadeh said today, go to news. now nto the quustiin of the %-is t.j. houshmandzadeh the fil
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piece of a supprbowl winningg3 ravens team? ú% percent say yes. 38 percent say no. lavar writes on facebook. this will be n explosive season for the ravens. but john writes, can he play cornerback? more division. a quran burning event on september 11th. how it could put american lives attrisk. >> ever wonder why your boyfriend cannot remember when you met. or your husband from time to time forgets your birthday. why they can now blame it on their brrin and genetics. >> and celebrity feud.ú why sean penn
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>> a florida pastor plans to hold a quran burning event.3
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saturday september 11th. david lee miller said the white house is very connerned that this puts american lives in danger.3 >> 9/11 is typically marked with ceremonnes and tributes across the ountry. but hii year, a church in florida is going in a different direction. world outreach center, small church in gainsville plans to hold a quran burning event. which general david patreous warns could endanger the livesú of u.s. troops and americans saying quote we're the actual burning to take place safety of soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy and an accomplishment of the mission made more difficult. >> adding quote, images of the burning oo a quran would be used by extremist in afgganistan and around the world. to enflame puullccand i eezyte violence. news of the eventtsparked protests accoss muslim woold. and members of the black panther movement stopped by the church3 to condemn the act and ask the pastor, terry jones to
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reconsider. >> all he will do is add more division between muslims and christians, when we should be sitting down to esolve differences. >> pastor said the plans are still in place. >> we realize that this action would probably offend muslims, jjst like i aa offended when they burn the bible, or they burn the american flag. what e are aiming at is that radicaa ellment that we feel is much larger, than our >> since aanouncing the event,. the pastor and church have received threats. law enforcemeet plans to be there, in full force. >> in new york, david lee fox news. >> afghanistan elections take %--ut security concerns tonight are limiting where citizens can vote there. afghan officials closing more attacks in violence strong holds. taliban is threatening to disrupt the elections, september 18. election is considered a test of stability.
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>> ever wonder why men forget wife's anniversarys. it may be because of the male brain. finds that mild cognitive impairment or mci, may affect mci is a memory condition thatt3 happens even before the normal aging prrcess, that leads to dementia. they found the coodition was 1.. times higher in men than women.ú see, you have a good excuse. >> i do. >> medical exxuse. >> thankkgoodness. >> physiological..3 >> there you go. >> well, no excuses for the forecast todaa. it was beautiful. vytas reid is back with another >> i cannot remember. vytas? >>well let me remind you. here is what is going on with the forecast. beautiful day out there tooay. pleety of sunshine. in the mid 90s. seeing the southerly flow bring up the teeperatures. on h.d. rrdar righh now. looking at scanning the skies.
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nothing over baltimore. we have some activity back west. associated with a cool front headed this directton. taking down our temperatures a ú%t over the next few days. showers and thunderstorms are firing up along the front. stretching from erie, pennsylvania through eastern parts of ohio, down through southern ohio, chilocothe. it ooks likeethey are getting rainfall. zooming in closer picture. -ou can see west of wheeling west virginia, heavier showers. pittsburg aaea, north of there, up just around the northern suburbs it looks llke showers. and youngstown ohio. but for us, that will breakup3 over the mountains and not make ii here, with dry air in place.ú 91 was the high today. recorded out there at bwi thurgood marshall aiiport. and doontown around 93 to 94 degrees. and dry conditions with o precipitation to talk about. and, in fact, the change toward get to that in the five day. but 82 was the temperature right now. in baltimore.3 at 72. out in western maryland and biggee picture. you can see how the cooler air is back west. 66 in indianapolis.
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64 in chicago. compared to 70s around pittssurg. and 80s in our neck of the woods.3 that cool ffont will continue to moveeour direction and give s changes over thh next couple of days. clockwise rotation, bringing up froot. but see the showers and thunderstorms firing up long the frrnt w cool air following, that continues to march in through the next things hours. 48 hourss and over the next couple oo day you see the temperatures change a bit. and front breaks up over the wednesday, thursday, friday. next chance of rain probably won't arrive until the end of the eekend. down south, rain down there. 4 to 6 around san antonio, dallas. seeing heavy rain wrapping tropical storm hermine continues to have winds right now at 35 miles per hour. this will continue to lessen in activity s it makksslandfall. watching that track. aa ittcontinues to fall apart but flooding conditions thhee. and be tonight clouds. 73. tomorrow, clouds. breaking up with more sunshine. 85 to 86 degrees.
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and then your even-day forecast. shows the cooler temperatures, following that, at 78 thursday. friday, 77. more sunshine. saturdayybeautiful day at 82. with showers possible on sunday. ú% baltimore ravens met with the media today. hear frommt.j. houshmaadzadeh oncoming to baltimooe city next in "sports unnimited". %->> thhy care about haiti but
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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[ male announcer ] like the new double baconead & cheese omelet sandwich!! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! >> siion cowell throwing in the towel for another talent search progrrm. his own british x-factor..3 >> former american idol judge plans to quit the show, to focus on his u.s. version of the show. multi-millionaire producer is3 set to start work on the u.s. year.tor in septeeber of next right around when theeuk'sú version would be in full swing. >> actor sean penn and musician -ycliffe john at odds on helping out haiti. penn calls wycliff a non-presence aa thh nation struggles to rrcoup,,of course from the massive earthqqake. and wycliff said penn is qqote
11:22 pm
too busy sniffing cocaane to notice his wwrk there. wycliffe john was born in haiti and wanted to run for president, this fall, but is not eligible because he has been livingoutsie last five years. john, however, now said he s preparing for a run five years from now. >> in a very ews like weekend ii was the biggest. ravens have acquired one of the major tormenters, t.j. houshmandzadeh, always feasted on the ravens and now they are adding him to an already imprrssive receiving core. he wassa bargain. seettle must pay him $7 million after releasing him. so he signee withhthe ravens for the veteran minimum. 855,000. pro bowler in 87, he played against the ravens 13 times. wwile with the bengals. averaging six catches for 76 yards. against that defense. after seeing all the damage rot, ú%zie pounced and t.j.
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>> to go from the situation was in, and to come here, is refreshing. ú%know these before guys bring to the table. because i playeddagainst them. i sat in rooms where coaches were game plaaning against them. and i know how stressful it s for them playing against baltimore. i havv been there, i know how much tress it puts on them. to be on that side and not deal with it. and worry about what ppottction ú%ll pick ttis up. aad what protection picks up thaa. is great. >> baseball heading into tonight. cc sabathia. was 11-0 this year. not lost there in over a year. but the orioles did not ssem too -azed. came out swinging. sabathia sitting on 19 wins for the year. league's first 20 game winner. but he is in trouble. in the first inning. bases loaded for wigginton. bloop toocenttr. finds grass in the bermuda
11:24 pm
roberts scores from third. o's lead, 1-0. that. gets peia home. markakis tries to score from sec. he slides. pasada cannot hang onto the ball. top of the third. after ones, flies ouu to right. sabathia calls pasada to the mound to discuss how to piich to noland reimold. very first pitch. look. crushes it to left. reaches the second deck of the -tadium. two run omb. they lead. runners on the orn corner for markakis. look at that pieceeof hitting. servee it to left. bell scores from third. o's taae the lead. that was ii for sabathia. 20 wins will have to waat. as the birds take the second straight game offthe series. >> and o's go for the sweep of the 1st plaae yankees tomorrow
11:25 pm
with a 1:05 start in the brrnxs. >> looking at some showers, kind of trying to make ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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33; >> final look at the seven-day it looks like we will see 86 degrees tomorrow. maybe a fewwclluds gather with the front pushing through overnight through the morning hhurs. we will see some sunshine.
11:28 pm
77 friday. booh pleaaant days. 82 degrees. with sunshine. and now sunday we may see sun and clouds. but 40 percent chance for showers. early parts of next week, innthe lower 80s. jennifer and jeff. >> thank you, vytas. that does it forrthe "late [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948
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